About Metro Jackson
Attractions Association

To request further information from MJAA, please contact us by mailing to:

PO Box 68346
Jackson, MS 39286-8346

or by emailing mjaainfo@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in the Metro Jackson Mississippi Area!


Who are we?

Representing metro Jackson's growing tourism industry, MJAA brings museums,
exhibitions, festivals, performing arts,outdoor attractions, hotels, restaurants,
vendors and retailers together.

  • Fun, monthly networking luncheons at a variety of venues
  • Educational programs
  • Inclusion in the beautiful MJAA brochure
  • Collaborative promotional projects
  • New marketing ideas and business opportunities
  • Charitable projects
  • Lasting friendships



For contact & membership information:

PO Box 68346 | Jackson, MS 39286-8346 | info@mjaams.com | www.mjaams.com